Día de la Mujer Latina Presents Vignettes on the Affordable Care Act led by Promotores/CHWs

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December 3, 2013, Houston, TX — Día de La Mujer Latina, Inc (DML) announced the launch of a series of video vignettes, developed by DML’s Promotores/Community Health Workers (CHWs) in an effort to provide a culturally meaningful tool to effectively explain the benefits afforded to Latinos by Obamacare. These teaching and learning video vignettes are short descriptive scenes depicting a personal experience or story and have been used widely in promoting discussion on health.

The need for such a tool became evident on October 12th, when DML celebrated its signature DML Health Fiestas in Houston, El Paso, Corpus Christi, McAllen/Edinburg, Austin, Dallas, and Ft Worth. Although the Promotores /CHWs, worked tirelessly to motivate, inform, navigate and educate our community about ACA, the issue of fear and mistrust surfaced as a barrier.  For this reason, DML Promotores/CHWs played out scenes depicting key concerns that were apparent during the event, ranging from understanding the concept of insurance, the essential health benefits, as well as the importance of preventive health.  DML believes that culturally-specific interventions led by Promotores /CHWs Workers can be a cornerstone to empowering communities at-risk to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare.

Much has been written about the fact that Latinos experience some of the highest percentages in health disparities, for example, 3 in 10 are uninsured, and 25.6% are living in poverty with 1 in 6 are suffering from a pre-existing condition.  The Affordable Care Act is estimated to cover as many as 9 million uninsured Latinos.  The challenge here is how to reach this vulnerable population in an environment of mistrust, disenfranchisement, history of fraud or abuse, and lack of culturally relevant awareness program? The solution is with trained Promotores /CHWs.

Since 1997, Día de la Mujer Latina (DML), a 501C3 nonprofit, national Latina community-based organization, has celebrated its signature health fiestas annually in thirty nine states, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, with a culturally-tailored training program for Promotores and Community Health Workers (P/CHW). Today, DML has trained over 500 P/CHW nationally and served nearly 87,000 clients. Promotores are trustworthy community-based navigators, trained to educate about health screening and ongoing care and patient-centered care, “said Venus Ginés, DML’s founder and CEO.

Promotora addressing Latinas concern over insurance

Promotoras providing info for small business owners


Promotoras providing info about larger companies

Promotoras providing contact info on cuidadodesalud.gov


Promotoras discussing Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions policy

A Veteran expresses concern over the insurance programs


Promotores providing info for those unable to pay for insurance

Promotores discussing breast and cervical cancer (ACA)