Pictured from left to right: TOP ROW – Venus Ginés receives APHA-Latino Caucus 2011 Distinguished Nationally Known Health Professional Award; Venus with President Jimmy Carter; Venus with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and team; BOTTOM ROW – Venus with Surgeon General Regina Benjamin at the White House; Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. of the President’s Cancer Panel; Representative Ed Thompson of Pearland


Texas Senate passes Senate Resolution 126 celebrating February 5, 2013 as Texas Promotores and Community Health Workers Day


More DML Milestones

  • Our Quinceañera – 15 year anniversary (in 2012)
  • Texas Recognition for Historical Conference in Austin of Promotores/Community Health Workers
  • Texas State certified training curriculum
  • Over 500 trained health professionals
  • Brand awareness in over 39 cities and growing
  • Affiliation with academic and research institutions
  • Registered over 84,000 women via Health Fiestas
  • Expanded core competencies to include cancer, obesity, nutrition, diabetes, autism, and vaccines compliance
  • Promote Community Resiliency with Emergency Preparedness Program